moving on...

is someone tells me that after 5 years i will be getting bored with reading manga, i will say ' you must be crazy'.
but it does happened.
and i moves on to reading ebooks.

not sure why, may be i'm getting the feeling of reading manga of having the same stereotypes plots and those i really wants to read keeps unreachable for whatsoever reasons, i might be frustrated and in the end i let it go.

some people i know also moves on for so many reasons so i think its also due to maturity and feelings of bored.

now i'm not sure what i should do with my collection. but pretty sure if i delete it i will be sad.
the only answer is to keep it.
More information

Kindle anyone?

does anyone has a Kindle?.
any recommendation?.

i want to buy but so many questions in my head.
whether it can be connected to a PC?.
if it can receive data transfer from a PC.

does this mean only wi-fi only it accept?

i wanna white colour, what to get?.
New video

Hikaru No Go

2005, i bought 4 vcd from episode 1 till 75end inclusive with the special episode of the Hakuto Cup.
to rewatch it again really gives me a nostalgic feelings.

u cant find good anime such as this one these days.

then i read the manga.
the best character i love is Sai.
such a beauty.

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